Yorkholo is unhampered limitless exploration.  We've exstinguished the concept of consistency.  Every batch is it's own unique entity.  If you grace us with your presence only once a year, the I.P.A. you had before will not taste the same as our current batch.  There are new varieties of hops bred each year, advancements in malting & the discovery of remarkably interesting yeast all the time.  Why would we limit ourselves to using the same base grain or the same yeast strain?  Escape the monotonicity of daily life & experience something new with us. CHEERS!
If you've read the above paragraph you'll understand that the descriptions may not be up to date or accurate.
MOUNTAINEER / India Pale Ale ~ 7.5 %
Named after the Mansfield University Mounties & of course hopped with a mountain of hops.  Brewed with golden promise English pale malt & hopped with a variety of hops.  Dry hopped during primary & secondary fermenatation.  Notes of honeysuckle, peach pit, passion fruit, citrus & grapefruit.
REZ-HEAD / Double India Pale Ale ~ 8.5 %
Brewed with English golden promise pale malt.  Kettle hopped with Chinook.  Dry hopped during primary & secondary fermentation with chinook.
PA GRAND CANYON / Vanilla Porter ~ 6 %
Named after the beautiful Pennsylvania Grand Canyon located in gorgeous Tioga county.  Brewed with golden promise English pale malt & a bunch of specialty grains.  Aged on just the right amount of organic vanilla beans.  Notes of dark chocolate, slight espresso, malt sweetness & vanilla.
NIGHT & DAY / Coffee Stout ~ 6 %
Named after the local favorite coffee shop "Night & Day".  Brewed with Golden promise English malt, specailty grains & lactose.  Aged on locally roasted coffee.  Notes of espresso, nutella, Worther originals, dark chocolate & malt sweetness.

Raison Hell Pumpkin Raisin Saison - Fall

Yorktoberfest Oktoberfest - Fall

The Yanochik Scotch Ale - Winter

1890's Fresh Hopped Imperial India Pale Ale - Fall


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