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 Yorkholo, pronounced "York Hollow", is a small artisan brewpub located in the north central region of Pennsylvania called the "Pennsylvania Wilds".  The brewery name comes from the York family dairy farm  established in 1861.  The farm had to shorten its name from York Hollow to Yorkholo due to the number of letters allowed when registering dairy cattle.


Our brewer Jarrod York, graduated from Mansfield University with a degree in Environmental Biology before attending brewery school at the American Brewer's Guild based out of Vermont.  After graduating, he landed an internship & then a job at the Ithaca Beer Co. After a few years of gaining hands on experience in the craft beer industry he left to help open Yorkholo Brewing Co.


We brew on a 3 BBL direct fired system.  On average, each batch produces 84.32 gallons of beer or approximately 5.5 half kegs.  We are big believers in serving fresh beer and our small system allows us to do that.  Throughout the year we brew 20 to 30 different styles which keeps our customers' palates on edge and our brewer's creativity never ending.


Farming will forever be within us.  To stay close to our roots we support local growers and farmers by using their products throughout our seasonal menu and we allow our chefs creative freedom to express themselves through their cooking.


Ralph York ran the Yorkholo dairy farm his entire life until he retired and all the dairy cows were sold off.  The name was chosen to continue the Yorkholo legacy.  When deciding on a logo that represented Yorkholo and quality, we couldn't think of anything better than the face of Ralph York.

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