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Our PA Wilds ale series are fermented with yeast native to the PA Wilds region.  From 100% spontaneous fermentation to blended wild yeast strains.  Inspired by the farmhouse ales style, but brewed in a 100 + year old industrial brick building in downtown Mansfield, Penna.

Initially, the beers that we've done in that passed dubbed "PA Wilds" incorporated local ingredients we harvested (i.e. dandelions &  several different types of herbs) ,but were fermented with a clean yeast strain.

Slowly we've made the transition to entirely American wild / Farmhouse style ales which we call "PA Wild Ales".  For those of you not familiar with Pennsylvania, the "Pennsylvania Wilds" is an area located in north central to western PA made up of mostly woods, mountains & canyons including the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

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