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Honey Lemon Saison (5.5%)

Brewed with floor malted German pilsen, oats & spelt. Mildly hopped with cluster & cascade in the kettle with some bittering orange peel & lemon zest. Dry hopped during primary with centennial & dry hopped during secondary with cascade. After being transferred to the bright tank we added lemon juice & honey. Using honey to get flavor can be difficult in brewing. Add it at the end of the boil & you'll lose a lot of aroma. Add during primary & the yeast will consume it. So we decided to add it into the bright tank at 7 pounds per barrel of beer. This definitely added a lot of honey flavor to the final product. Only problem was that when we packaged the saison into kegs each keg got a different amount of honey pulled into it. With the honey in the keg, the first few pints are sweeter do to honey settling at the bottom of the keg. A con yes, but we've never made a beer with honey before that had so much honey in its flavor.

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