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Pink Guava Fruit Smoothie India Pale Ale (7.2%)

This is the 4th fruit I.P.A. we've done. The first was a cherry I.P.A. that I thought was nice at first but the sweetness of the cherries eventually over powered the beer after only being on tap for a week. With the second batch I experimented with adding the fruit (mandarin orange & blood oranges) during primary hoping that the yeast would take care of any additional sugars to cut down on the over all sweetness of the final product which ended up working better that anticipated with the yeast taking the beer to a much lower final gravity then initially planned. The final result was a much more bitter beer than the first ,but to bitter in my opinion. So for the third fruit I.P.A. I decided to blend the fruit with the beer. The bright tank was hooked up so a pump could circulate the beer to keep the fruit in suspension and to evenly distributed it. After packaging, the kegs were stored upside down. The result was more fruit smoothie (mango) than I.P.A. which was incredibly interesting but frightening to some customers. The mango I.P.A. was 1:1 ratio of fruit to beer. So for the fourth one, I cut the fruit down to 1:2 ratio with the result being more I.P.A. than fruit smoothie. The notes are incredibly interesting with flavors of starburst, strawberry & watermelon jolly rancher.

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